Young electronic music crew from Reykjavik Iceland

Vaginaboys + kef LAVÍK @ Harpa concert hall december 2016

Our music

We produce experimental romance music and play diverse DJ sets.
Here's our first EP, Icelandick, you can buy it online.

Who are we?

The Vaginaboys are a group of mysterious music people from around Iceland including producers and DJ's.
We hide our identities wearing masks because we are not in it for recognition but rather for our love of music.


Where are we?

Although we come from a small island in the north we don't let that stop us from spreading our love all around the world.
You can connect with us at various social media platforms:


Vaginaboys Apparel

We make a variety of different clothing in a very limited quanitity.
Some of our apparel are only one copy each, and we never do large quantaties.

We are most likely currently sold out, so follow us
if you want to get notified when we do a new batch of fresh Icelandic design.

Perhaps they are a super group of established artists - far from uncommon in Iceland - or perhaps they are just shy. Either way, their smooth, autotuned R&B grabbed people's attention this year and a flurry of shows in Reykjavik.

Adam Cardew - The Line Of Best Fit

Vaginaboys deliver far more than their moniker suggests, something like a hip-hop Nicolas Winding Refn soundtrack, sonically louche and vibrantly neon.

Karl Smith - The Quietus